Integrated Technology Services - GBM fuses the best with the best

Integration of the best of breed in product and skills is at the core of GBM's culture.

This culture is built from the realisation that business continuity and systems availability has become a very important aspect of Information Technology (IT) deployment. Simply put, GBM knows that the integration of all IT components is at the heart of an optimum result.

GBM's Integrated Technology Services team has cultivated an offer comprising top-notch project management experts able to determine the most effective means of achieving the IT objectives and demands of organisations.

GBM's ITS specialists aim to provide a holistic eye, from deploying resources to end-product functionality, to a reliable fully integrated and secure system, in addition to support and maintenance.

They have acquired solid experience in implementing and supporting hardware and software products, as well as defining, designing and delivering customised solutions in today's multi-faceted business environment.

Nothing is left to chance, as whatever the situation, qualified engineers can get connected to product specialists and design engineering experts on the IBM network. Similarly for networking products, they have direct access to Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts CCIE's in the various technologies.

Undoubtedly GBM's Integrated Technology Services provide the industry's most complete menu of Information Technology Services in the region.

GBM's maintenance services:

GBM's maintenance services protect IT investment and ensure the availability of an IT operating environment at all times. The criteria of maintenance at GBM includes quality of service, managed engineering improvements, parts support, responsiveness, depth of service, financial planning, effective communications and professionalism.

GBM's supportline services:

GBM's supportline services provide on-call IT answers to all how-to questions related to software installation and usage. In the case of software failures, the support line will ensure a speedy resolution by activating an on-site or remote diagnosis, as well as providing regular information updates on software fixes that may impact systems.

GBM's platform services:

The mission of GBM's platform services is to design and build a customer information infrastructure which is robust, cost effective, energy efficient and dynamic.

These services cover a combination of hardware and software technologies for the various operating systems that makes the business processes run in the most optimised way without a single point of failure.

The installations of operating systems are performed according to best practice standards and secure them against intruders, as well as structuring them for optimisation of performance.

Virtual storage is an option for when the efficient use of hardware resources is crucial to a project. Servers, storage and applications can be located at an off-site server farm to provide the right resources at the right time to meet response times specified.

Indeed, the virtualisation of networks, servers, storage and applications makes the most efficient use of the hardware resources, reduces the network bandwidth, while providing sufficient resources, including computer power.

This means a minimum strain on the organisation's infrastructure, while still providing the required service levels for the business processes.

Meanwhile, older installations can be audited and generally prepared for migration to the latest technologies so that they become more efficient, power saving and effective to maximise investment.

GBM's Managed Services:

GBM's managed services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations.

  • Out Tasking: Provision of a dedicated skill-set resource, managed by the customer, for a duration set by customer.
  • Managed Services: Provision of skilled resources to provide GBM Management of a Customer's Infrastructure (Network/Work Stations/Help Desk/ File Servers/Applications) to dedicated SLA's.
  • Hosting of Production and Disaster Recovery sites: Physical hosting in a secure environment of the complete infrastructure of Customers IT assets, including communication lines, to dedicated SLA's.
  • Managed Service Hosting : Physical hosting of Customer's IT Infrastructure in a secure environment, with pro-active monitoring and Service Desk facilities, managed and controlled to SLA's by GBM specialised resources.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consultation: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery refers to an organization's ability to recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume or continue operations. GBM Consultancy will help organisations prepare an end-to-end plan that meets International and Government specifications.

GBM NOC - Remote Network, Server and Application Monitoring

GBM NOC Monitoring Solution has been implemented to manage customer network and infrastructure by proactively monitoring essential system resources, detecting bottlenecks and potential problems, and automatically responding to events. With out-of-the-box best practices for identifying and resolving infrastructure problems, the GBM NOC Monitoring solutions is helping our NOC Engineers to improve their effectiveness and efficiency and thus enable them to focus on Customer Business Critical issues. Proactive system monitoring often identifies problems early, enabling rapid fixes before end users experience significant impact to their performance. Moreover, we are using the data that is collected with Tivoli Monitoring solutions to drive timely performance and capacity planning activities to avoid out-ages from resource over-utilization. The following summarize the features of the GBM NOC Monitoring solution:

  • Scalable & redundant monitoring solution
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Event Management
  • SNMP Based Network Monitoring
  • Agentless Server Monitoring
  • Agent Base Server Monitoring
  • End to End Monitoring (End-User response monitoring)

Moreover, the following Network and Infrastructure components can be monitored by GBM NOC Monitoring Solution:

Network Monitoring:
All SNMP enables network devices switches, routers and firewalls (Cisco, Juniper, StoneGate, Brocade/Foundry)

Physical operating systems monitoring:
IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and IBMi5/OS

Virtual operating systems monitoring:
AIX LPAR/DLPAR/WPAR, Sun Solaris Zones and VMware Virtual Machines

Virtual client environments monitoring:
Citrix and VMware View VDI

Databases monitoring:
DB2, Oracle, MSSQL and Sybase

Application Servers monitoring:
WebSphere, Oracle Application server and JBoss

GBM NOC: Enterprise solution to Customer Service Request Management:

TSRM is the Repository of all the end user calls and server alerts in GBM NOC. Moreover the following solutions can be provided:

Integration between different technologies e.g. TSRM and Sharepoint.
- End User raise request via Sharepoint and tickets are logged in TSRM and user is notified.
- User gets a link for the request placed in Sharepoint.

Integration with monitoring tools like IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) / Nagios.
- An alert is raised in Monitoring tools whenever server threshold increases and TSRM logs a ticket and concerned engineer is notified via email / SMS

Service Level Agreement (SLA) based service management.
- And timely escalations to resolver engineer and concerned authorities to make sure SLA is met.

Change management Process.
- Process designed as per customer approval process for implementing any changes.

Provide timely (daily, weekly, monthly) reports to customer.



Our software specialists offer technical support for a wide range of problems including

  • Design/customization.
  • Product tuning/performance.
  • Product operation.
  • Back-up recovery procedure.
  • System management.
  • Product compatibility, functionality and inter-operability.
  • Identification of non-defect problems (wrong parameter, configuration errors, operator errors and product misuse.
  • Requirements for customized preventive service information.
  • In addition to planning and effecting your hardware installation, we can also migrate your equipment. Additionally, should
    problems occur with your IBM or other vendor systems, we have maintenance options that include warranty and
    preventative maintenance plans.



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